Written by JD
March 19, 2018

Howdy again, hombres, Lookin fer trails? Custer City is smack dab in the center of some of the best trails yer goin ta find in these here Black Hills. Yessiree, trails fer everyone.
Hikin, bikin, horses – some of the best trails fer everyone’s pleasure are all convenient ta yer stay here in Custer City. The highest point between the Austrian Alps an the Colorado Rockies is Black Elk Peak (aka Harney Peak) with its two famous trails through the federal wilderness; the southern 3.8 mile moderate trail from Custer State Park’s Sylvan Lake is fer hikers an the northern 4.7 mile difficult trail is fer hikers an horses.
Thar’s the rails-ta-trails Mickelson Trail fer day use by hikers, bikers, an horses with a popular trail-head jus cross the street from the Custer Area Chamber of Commerce – mighty convenient ta the over 100 miles in the Black Hills forests. An the Mickelson Trail was rated in 2013 by Fox News Travel as #7 in the World’s Top 10 bicycle trails.
Wantin mountain bike trails? Custer State Park has them.
Hows bout both back-packin an mountain bike opportunities ta ride or camp out on the trail? The Centennial Trail has them an covers the length of the Black Hills.
Needin somethin less strenuous an shorter fer families with kids, or maybe jus a quick excursion at a leisurely pace? Custer State Park has easy trails near quiet streams, some even rated handicap accessible. Big Rock Park right in Custer City has short trails, one even beginnin right cross from a fun kid playground area jus cross the street at the friendly Chamber office.
Or might be yer lookin fer a challenge without ropes an pitons, an without a crowd ta contend with, but still one with awesome natural beauty? Brin yer good hikin boots an try Little Devil’s Tower. Climbers from Switzerland raved bout the “spectacular new vistas seen at every turn”.
Always make sure ta stop in the Custer Area Chamber of Commerce an Visitors Bureau fer all yer questions an free suggestions; 615 Washington Street (an fer Pete’s sake, don’t go relyin on Google an other such ‘media thingy’ maps in the Black Hills, those folks ain’t been out here an can tell ya ta turn right inta a rock wall or ravine.)
Take care of yer ride an he’ll take care of ya. Ifn ya wants ta go lookin fer me, might find me sittin on my favorite library bench enjoyin a cold one, or might not. Adios.

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