Southern Black Hills Travel Guide: Keystone
Written by Jenna Carda-Evergreen Media
April 14, 2019

Home to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone boasts a rich mining history with a family fun atmosphere.

When gold was booming in the early 1900s, Keystone was like any other community throughout the Hills. However, it was the introduction of the railroad that allowed Keystone to thrive. With the ability of transporting people and goods, the railroad allowed the opportunity for the carving and creation of Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Today, the monumental experience continues to draw millions to the town.

Experience the History
From minerals and gold to travelling treasures, you’re going to be able to experience historical moments and memories when you visit this community. Start at one of the galleries. You’ll be able to take in the stories from museums of pioneers and miners, and view collections of carvers and historical figures.

Looking for more hands-on experiences? Take a tour through a cave and learn about mining in the Hills. Then, pan for your own gold memento. Or, travel back in time with a ride on the vintage steam engine locomotive that runs through town.

Create Memories
When you drive into this quaint community, your soul can’t help but smile at the opportunity. There are boardwalks filled will treats, treasures, and trinkets you’ll want to get for friends and family back home. Take photos, enjoy nostalgic meals, and take in the sites throughout town.

No matter your age, you’ll enjoy all the attractions Keystone has to offer. With puzzles and mazes to solve, and rides through the sky, you’re going to have stories to tell for a lifetime.

Keystone is a small town that packs a punch with endless opportunity. Whatever type of adventure you’re looking for, Keystone has something to offer.

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