Itineraries for Your Next Southern Hills Vacation
Written by Dolsee Davenport
June 8, 2020

Planning your vacation to the Black Hills and Custer, South Dakota is easy with these fun and adventure-filled itineraries.  No matter what you are looking for – checking out the Black Hills’ natural and man-made wonders, a fun wildlife safari, hiking through the hills, taking a scenic motorcycle ride, or visiting one of our national and state parks, you’ll be able to make your trip enjoyable by staying, dining, and exploring Custer, South Dakota.  Custer is centrally located, making it the perfect hub for your vacation and adventure in the Black Hills. Check out these itineraries for ideas when planning your next trip to Custer, South Dakota.

Black Hills World Tour
The Black Hills are home to some natural and man-made wonders that are like nothing else in this world.  This iterinary will help you experience them all.

Easy Rider
One of the best ways to enjoy Custer and the Black Hills is with a scenic motorcycle ride.  This itinerary will take you on some of the scenic drives in the Hills, many of which are great drives in the car as well!

Hiking the Hills
This itinerary will suggest hikes to do throughout the Southern Black Hills based on your skill and endurance level. 

National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites
The Black Hills are home to one of the largest concentration of national and public parks in the country. Use this itinerary and take a few days and see them all.

Wildlife Safaris
The Black Hills are known for an abundance of wildlife. Take a safari with this sample wildlife tour.

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Itineraries for Your Next Southern Hills Vacation
Written by Dolsee Davenport
June 8, 2020

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