Explore Art in Custer, SD
Written by Dolsee Davenport
August 10, 2020

Custer is a community centered around nature and the outdoors.  Many activities are specially designed to include our natural backyard, including our art. The Custer Chamber has created a map of the art and sculptures found throughout town – pick one up at the Visitor’s Center and get out and explore! Check out the list below for a few of the art pieces you can find throughout Custer.

Painted Buffalo

These life-sized buffalo forms were originally part of a community art event that lasted for 11 years.  The painted buffalo you see around town are now owned by a couple of Custer residents and some businesses.  Each buffalo has a very unique look so be sure to find them all!

This big art piece was designed to commemorate Custer's Burning Beetle event as an artistic response to the massive landscape change that the bark beetle wrought in the Black Hills.

Barn Quilts
Series of colorful quilt blocks on the side of various businesses.  Each barn quilt is an interpretation by the contributor and are of various themes such as geometrics, patriotic, animals, bird and insects of the Black Hills, National Parks, and the city of Custer. The wall at Custer Do It Best Hardware was home to South Dakota’s first barn quilt wall and trail established by the Barn Quilters of the Black Hills.  

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what kind of art can be found in Custer, it’s your turn to go explore. If you take an art walk of your own, make sure you bring a camera, and post your photos with #CusterSD. Maybe Custer’s art will even spark your own creativity!Click Here for Printable Copy of Custer's Art Map

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Explore Art in Custer, SD
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