2020 Rushmore Fireworks Details
Written by South Dakota Department of Tourism
June 4, 2020

As you know, planning for the July 3rd fireworks event at Mount Rushmore has been ongoing for well over a year. The planning has been a collaborative partnership between several agencies, including local, county, state and federal officials. We are now within a month of the event and have several points of information to share with you.

How to attend:

You must have a ticket to attend the fireworks celebration.

 - Attendance will be managed through a lottery system hosted at Recreation.gov.

 - The lottery system will open at 8:00 a.m. MT on Friday, June 5, and will close at 9:59 p.m. MT on Monday, June 8. Lottery results will be emailed to applicants on Friday, June 12.

 - Attendance numbers are as follows:

Zone 1

- This zone covers the interior areas of the park that have a view of the Memorial, which includes the amphitheater, the Grand View Terrace and the terrace outside of the restaurant.
- There will be 500 general ticket winners. Each ticket includes space for 6 people, and one parking space.

Zone 2
- This zone is on the exterior of the park and will include seating areas (bring your own lawn chair) in the gravel lot across the highway from the parking ramp, and some seating areas along a closed lane of Hwy 244.
- We will provide 1-2 jumbo screens in this zone so that attendees can see the programming taking place in the amphitheater.
- There will be 591 general ticket winners. Each ticket includes space for 6 people, and one parking space.
- These guests will park either in the parking ramp or in angled parking spots along Hwy 244.

Zone 2 Shuttle Service
- There will be 160 general ticket winners. Each ticket includes space for 6 people, and shuttle service from Keystone.
- These guests will park outside the Memorial grounds and will be shuttled up the mountain. Seating area will be in Zone 2.

Information for Visitors:
The Department of Tourism team has developed a list of FAQs to answer the questions we know are being asked by locals, visitors and the media. This list can be found on TravelSouthDakota.com/RushmoreFireworks.

Additional Resources:


Email inquiries may be sent to: RushmoreFireworks@State.SD.US


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