Wildlife Safaris

Wildlife Safaris

The Black Hills are known for an abundance of wildlife. Take a safari with this sample wildlife tour.


Start your Black Hills Wildlife Safari just before daybreak on the Wildlife Loop road in Custer State Park. The animals tend to be more active and closer to the road in the morning hours since they aren’t spooked by heavy traffic and visitors. Bring your camera and capture swift antelope, sure-footed mountain goats and the park’s roaming buffalo.

Late Morning

Drive to Rapid City and head to Bear Country USA. This 250-acre drive-thru wildlife park has 20 different species of North American mammals on display. One of the most popular areas of Bear Country is Babyland where smaller animals and black bear cubs are on display.

Early Afternoon

After you’ve completed your journey though Bear Country USA, discover one of the world’s largest collection of reptiles at Reptile Gardens. Interactive animal shows, botanical gardens and giant Tortoises are the highlights of this jungle.

Late Afternoon

Head to Wind Cave National Park to see another herd of buffalo, antelope and Bighorn Sheep. The miles of walking trails are also great for spotting smaller animals like rare birds, squirrels and prairie dogs.


Venture to the Rakin Ridge area of Wind Cave National Park to hear the bugling of bull Elk that live in the area. Elk are typically very shy and tend to live deep within the forest, and while you may not see them, you will definitely hear them.


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