Black Hills World Tour

The Black Hills World Tour

The Black Hills are home to some natural and man-made wonders that are like nothing else in this world.

World’s Largest Mountain Carving in Progress

Crazy Horse Memorial, just a few minutes north of Custer, is the world’s largest mountain carving in progress. When completed it will be 563-feet-high and carved in the round.

World’s Third Longest Cave

Jewel Cave National Monument, just 15 minutes from Custer, is officially the world’s third longest cave and researchers are finding new passageways all the time.

World’s Largest Collection of Wooly Mammoth Bones

The Mammoth Site in Hot Spring, just 30 minutes from Custer, is an ongoing paleontological dig. So far, 61 mammoth remains have been found in this prehistoric sink hole.

World’s Sixth Longest Cave

Wind Cave National Park is the sixth longest cave in the world and one of the oldest national parks in the country.

World’s Richest Oligocene Epoch Fossil Beds

Researchers have found fossils dating back millions of years among the jagged spires of Badlands National Park. Ongoing digs continue throughout the park.


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